Student Services Levy FAQs

What the Student Services Levy is, what it pays for, and how much your contribution is.

How much is the Student Service Fee per student?

The total compulsory Student Service Fee (Student Service Levy plus Student Assistance Levy) for an internal student studying 25 points or more in 2020 is $849.60 ($822.00 plus $27.60), and $871 in 2021 ($843.00 plus $28.00).

In 2019 the total compulsory Student Service Fee was $817.60, which translates to $888.00 per equivalent full-time student.

What services are included in the levy?

The SSL is used to fund services for students that are not covered by tuition fees, such as counselling, health services, financial advice and careers guidance, student advocacy, student publications and student representation. The levy ensures equitable access to these services for all students, supporting academic achievement and providing valuable self-development opportunities.

The services funded by the SSL are:

a. Advocacy and legal advice

b. Careers information, advice and guidance

  • Assisting students make study and career choices though career and course advice and assessment activities
  • Assisting with job applications, CV’s and interview skills

c. Counselling and pastoral care

d. Employment information

e. Financial support and advice

f. Health services

  • Victoria University of Wellington’s Student Health service aims to keep students healthy so they can achieve well academically
  • Disability Services work alongside students with temporary and ongoing impairments to ensure they are able to fully engage and achieve in their studies

g. Media

  • A weekly Salient magazine is published and circulated by VUWSA and is produced entirely by students
  • Salient FM is a student-run radio station

h. Childcare services

i. Clubs and societies

  • Supporting over 130 political, cultural, sports, faith-based and academic clubs and societies on campus
  • Providing meeting rooms, activity spaces and resources, training programmes and advice on club financial management

j. Sports, recreation and cultural activities

  • Services operate largely from the Hub and the Recreation Centre
  • Offering sports leagues, tailored fitness and other programmes, recreational facilities and venues for student events and activities

Can I borrow the levy on the Student Loan?

Yes, because it is a compulsory levy.

Do all students (full-time and part-time) pay the Levy?


Do distance students pay the Levy?

Distance learners pay a discounted rate of $411 in 2020 ($421.50 in 2021).

What about students who are only enrolled in the third trimester?

Students enrolled in the third trimester only will be able to claim a two-thirds refund. This refund must be claimed before the last day of the official exam period for the academic year in which the levy was charged.

What about students who are only enrolled in the first trimester?

Students enrolled in the first trimester are eligible to access the services listed below for the entire academic year (ie. February to February).

Will I receive a refund for the Levy if I withdraw from study?

If you withdraw fully from university within the first two weeks of your first term you will get a fees refund and a refund on the Student Services Levy.

Does the student association have a role in providing services?

VUWSA has been contracted to provide some services for the University (including student advocacy, student representation and student media). These are funded from the SSL. VUWSA provides them to all students, whether the students are members of VUWSA or not.

Do students have input into the way their money is being spent?

Victoria University of Wellington staff work in partnership with the Advisory Committee on the Student Services Levy (ACSSL), an oversight body with student representatives, who consult with the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) executive and their executive sub-groups: the Student Academic Committee (comprising faculty-based representatives) and the Student Equity and Diversity Committee (Māori and equity-based groups) before presenting its recommendation on changes to the levy. VUWSA also runs an independent survey of all students prior to considering any recommendation on changes to the levy.

Download the Student Services Levy Report for more information.

What about students who are only enrolled in one trimester to complete their degree?

Students enrolled in one trimester to complete their degree are eligible to apply for a 50% refund of the levy. They must apply no later than 3 months after their course concludes.

Once you have received your grades for your final course, email to request the refund.

Do you have any more questions/feedback?

If you have any questions about this, email

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