Pūaha—log in or sign up

Pūaha is an online portal where you can manage all of your applications in one place. Find out how to log in, sign up, or contact us if you're having problems.

Pūaha—the mouth of the river—is the online portal where you can view and manage all your applications for courses and programmes, accommodation and scholarships. It is also where you'll go for help and information throughout your student journey at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

Sign up or log in to Pūaha

Log in or sign up

How you sign up or log in to the Pūaha portal will depend on where you're at in your application journey.

1. Ready to log in

You can log in to Pūaha if you have already created and activated your account. This will be the case if you've:

  • applied for a scholarship or accommodation before 10 September, and
  • received a personal link from us by email, and
  • used the link to update your login and activate your Pūaha account.

2. Account needing activation

You'll need to 'sign up' rather than 'log in' if you applied for a scholarship or accommodation and were sent a link, but haven't yet used it to activate your Pūaha account. You should:

  • check your email for your personal link
  • use the link to get to the sign-in screen
  • use the 'Sign up now' link (ignoring the email and password boxes) and follow the prompts.

If you can’t find the email that we sent you, email us at info@vuw.ac.nz—we’re happy to help.

3. No account created

You'll need to 'sign up' for an account if you haven't yet applied for accommodation or scholarships. You should:

Use a personal email address to create your account—don't use your school email address as it will expire when you leave (and before you start at the University).

Create a new account—step-by-step instructions

The first step in creating an account is to select 'sign up with email or social account'.
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Ignore the email and password boxes, and click on the 'Sign up now' link.
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Enter your email address and request a verification code. Enter the code, your names, and your choice of password to complete the sign up process.
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