Your first trimester

Your first trimester will bring new expectations, experiences and challenges. Find out what to expect so you can make the most of it.

Managing academic work

During the first week of your lectures, read your course outline carefully to find out what is expected of you while you are studying.

While you are studying at Victoria University of Wellington, you can also work with staff at Student Learning to help you achieve your academic potential.

Useful academic writing, study and maths workshops will help you develop your skills for university study. Individual appointments are also available at all levels, from first year to postgraduate.

Helpful resources from the Student Learning team


Student Guide

This guide is for current students to help you find what you need to study successfully—information on services, workshops and opportunities on how to get involved at Victoria University of Wellington.

Getting Started Guide

This guide introduces new students to Victoria University of Wellington as well as provides services, information and support to help all students succeed in study and student life

At university, it's all over to you—you are helped a lot less, but if you look for help, it is always there.