Support for students

Workspace, software, technical support, equipment and skilled staff resources form part of the excellent provision for the University's research students.

Victoria University of Wellington has a comprehensive range of support for research students, from supporting your access to funding, study and counselling through to spiritual and practical support.

We have career, employment and accommodation advice as well as digital services, childcare, health and dispute resolution. There is a network of services specifically designed to support you in achieving your goals.

Learning support

Studying for a postgraduate research qualification represents an academic step up for anyone, and you will need some skill development.

In order to maximise your success you can access postgraduate writing workshops and research skills seminars on topics such as critical thinking, academic speaking, developing an argument, ethical approval, literature reviews, research proposals, quantitative and qualitative research and thesis writing.

Learning advisers at Student Learning are also available for one-to-one consultations on all aspects of your studies.

Postgraduate Student Association

The University's Postgraduate Students’ Association (PGSA) represents all postgraduate students and offers services that include advice, advocacy, information, lobbying on important issues and representation on university boards and committees.

The PGSA also organises the:

  • Victoria's Awards
  • Postgraduate Research Excellence Awards
  • 3-Minute Thesis Competition
  • Interactive Postgrad Forums
  • Quiz Night
  • postgraduate e-newsletter.

This active association delivers valuable support and enrichment opportunities to postgraduate students at all levels.

Supporting students with disabilities

Victoria University of Wellington strives to create an environment that values diversity. Disability Services work alongside and support approximately 1,300 students every year and can help you with individualised coaching and planning.

We have expertise in arranging accessible arrangements for courses and exams, liaising with academic staff to help them understand your needs and adaptive technology or note-taking assistance for lectures.

We also provide access to ergonomic equipment, mobility parking, accessible transport between campuses and Access Suites in which students with impairments can study and rest.

Pastoral care and support

The Victoria University of Wellington chaplains offer pastoral and practical support for all, regardless of belief. They also seek to nurture the spirituality of students and staff at university.

They offer warm, welcoming spaces to hang out between lectures, have lunch, study, pray and worship. Ramsey House also boasts a not-for-profit café, Koha Coffee—which claims to be the most rejuvenating café on campus.

Counselling services

Counsellors are available at Student Counselling to discuss personal and academic issues that affect your general sense of wellbeing, your relationships or your learning. We offer sessions at Kelburn, Pipitea and Te Aro campuses, and at Te Herenga Waka Marae.