Information for current PhDs

As a doctoral student at Victoria University of Wellington, you will participate in a vibrant research community and work at the highest scholarly level.

Working under academic supervision

Learn about your responsibilities as a PhD student, and those of your supervisor.

Academic integrity and intellectual property

Read about your ethical responsibilities, and our expectations regarding intellectual property and access to your thesis.

From provisional to full registration

Read about the requirements and process for achieving full PhD registration at Victoria University of Wellington.

Thesis guidelines

Read our guidelines on the presentation of your thesis

Doctoral examinations

Here you will find information on how to submit your doctoral thesis and the doctoral examination process

Progress reports

Both PhD and Master’s thesis students must submit regular progress reports.

Candidature changes

Read Victoria University of Wellington’s requirements and download forms relevant to changing your registration status.

Doctoral attendance and distance study

Find information on attendance expectations during your doctoral study.

Support and Resourcing

Explore some of the research resources available to you at Victoria University of Wellington during your doctoral study.

International students’ information

This information is specific to international students and explains some of the different regulations you’ll need to be aware of during your doctoral study.


Explore options to help you fund your doctoral study

Doctoral coursework

Under some circumstances coursework may form part of your doctoral study


During your doctoral study it’s important to maintain a work-life balance and ask for help when you need it.