Postgraduate students

Higher degree study challenges you to further develop your research, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Postgraduate study and individual and guided research projects call for advanced critical thinking, argumentation, writing and research skills that build on your undergraduate degree. Here are some general resources you might find useful.

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Transition to postgraduate study

New to postgraduate studies? Find out the skills you need to succeed.

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Critical thinking

Critical thinking is an important everyday skill. It is even more important at postgraduate level.

Postgraduate writing

Postgraduate study means writing (and re-writing) thousands of words over an extended period of time. Use these resources to help you on your writing journey.

Research skills

Research at postgraduate levels includes understanding key concepts, finding and managing resources, as well as presenting.

Reviewing the literature

At postgraduate level, effective reading involves paraphrasing, synthesising, and acknowledging sources so that you maintain academic integrity.

Managing your postgraduate life

Postgraduate study requires you to maintain relationships with your supervisor and fellow students as well as manage your time and balance commitments.

Postgraduate workshops

Find out about workshops and opportunities to develop study and research skills for postgraduate study at all levels (Honours, Master's and PhD).

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Postgraduate students workshops

Find out what workshops are available for postgraduate students.

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