University based support

There is confidential support for academic matters available for all students to ensure the impact on your studies is limited.

Sexually harmful behaviour can impact your ability to focus, motivation to study, and ability to attend class.

You can access confidential support for academic matters to ensure the academic impact is limited. You may need to access extensions or have academic adjustments made, you may need extra time, special exam considerations, or support to access lecture material. You do not need to disclose what happened to academic staff, and adjustments can be made without academic staff needing to know your circumstances.

You can have a confidential conversation about your academic needs and receive support from:

Student Interest and Conflict Resolution

Students can contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team, during business hours, to discuss what academic, and other, support they require. This is a confidential service.

You can contact the Student Interest and Conflict Resolution team via email: or by calling (04) 463 5023.

Student Health and Counselling (Mauri Ora)

Students can access general practice medical services and confidential counselling support on campus.

You can find more information about Mauri Ora on their website or by calling 04 463 5308.

Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Student Advocate

The Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Student Advocate is 100 percent independent from the University and can help you understand your options, rights and responsibilities, and help raise an issue or make a complaint.

You can email:, call 04 463 6984 or text 022 563 6984, or visit the VUWSA Reception, Level 4, Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus

Disability Services

Disability Services works with students to find the best ways to access their studies when they are impacted by a traumatic experience such as sexually harmful behaviour.

Disability and Inclusion Advisers provide a confidential space to review your current academic access needs, and can provide access to rest and study rooms, academic liaison, advice on managing workload, smaller rooms for tests and exams.

Students require some supporting documentation from a health professional so that Disability Services can act on your behalf. We do not need students to share information about any traumatic experience as we focus upon your study-related needs.

You can email: or call 04 463 6070

Wellington University International Student Experience

International and refugee background students may experience a number of barriers when seeking support after sexual harm.

You may experience a lack of social support, financial stability, access to resources, and have language barriers. You may also be fearful of risking your, and others, safety and security.

In New Zealand the rules and law relating to sexual assault and harassment apply to everybody—no matter how long they have been here. Citizens of other countries who are visiting New Zealand are also protected by our laws.

It is also important you know there is support available to you, that you know your rights, regardless of your immigration status, and that your cultural beliefs are understood and respected.

The International Student Experience team can support you through any of the meetings or conversations that you have.

You can contact the Wellington University International Student Experience team by calling them on 04 463 5350 or by emailing


You can receive information and support in a confidential manner.

Making a report, making a disclosure, or accessing support will not go on your student record, will not impact your visa, and will not be shared with your family or home university unless you request it.