Applying to graduate

Find out when and how to apply to have your qualification granted, and information about your certificate presentation options.

When and how to apply

When you’ve met the qualification requirements of your degree, you’re eligible to apply to have your qualification granted and be admitted as a graduate of Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. Your faculty will assess that you’ve met all your degree requirements and update the status of your qualification.

You’ll then be sent an email that outlines how to apply—so ensure your contact details are current. You can update your contact details through Student Records.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your application you’ll receive a confirmation email. Contact the Graduation Office if you do not receive a confirmation email.

There are more steps for Doctoral graduands attending a ceremony.

Presentation options

You can choose to have your qualification certificate formally presented to you at a graduation ceremony, collect it from Kelburn campus, or receive it by post.

You may attend either a Michael Fowler Centre or Te Hui Whakapūmau graduation ceremony.

Regardless of whether you attend a ceremony, once your application has been submitted and approved, your qualification will be granted at a meeting of the University Council (you do not need to attend). University Council meetings are held approximately every six weeks between February and November. The date recorded on your qualification certificate will be the date that your qualification is granted by University Council.

A digital version of your qualification certificate will be issued to the myeQuals portal within one week of your qualification being granted by the University Council.

Attending a graduation ceremony

If you choose to attend a graduation ceremony, you will be formally presented with your qualification certificate then.

We will send regular email communications from approximately 10 weeks prior to your graduation ceremony to confirm arrangements, including your ceremony date and time. Keep us informed of any changes to your preferred email address.

Ceremony application deadlines

To attend a graduation ceremony, your application must be submitted by:

  • 1 March for ceremonies in May
  • 1 October for ceremonies in December.

Read more about the ceremonies.

December graduation ceremony date change

The Michael Fowler Centre will be undergoing important maintenance in December so we have had to move the graduation dates forward.

The ceremonies will now take place on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 November at the Michael Fowler Centre, and Te Hui Whakapūmau will take place on 1 December at Kelburn campus.

Applications to attend are due by 1 October.

Advance graduation

Some students who complete a qualification in Trimester 2 can graduate at the December ceremonies of the same year. Students completing a qualification in Trimester 3 can apply for advance graduation to graduate at the May ceremonies. Make sure you are logged in your student mail account to access the application form.

Who can apply for advance graduation

  • International students returning home.
  • Students leaving the country to take up a scholarship overseas—supporting documentation must be provided.
  • PhD and Master’s by thesis students who expect to complete their qualification shortly after the deadline to apply for graduation.
  • Students completing a qualification in Trimester 3 who want to graduate in May.
  • Students facing exceptional circumstances—a written application outlining your circumstances must be made to the manager of your faculty office.

Due to the change in ceremony dates, students completing an LLB or LLB(Hons) will not be able to apply for advance graduation in Trimester 2, 2021.

Your application for advance graduation must reach the appropriate faculty office by the ceremony application deadline.

If your application for advance graduation is approved you will be notified by email. Once you have approval you need to apply to graduate in your chosen ceremony. The email will contain instructions for this.

Contact your faculty office for more information.

Multiple qualifications

If you’re attending a graduation ceremony to be presented with more than one qualification, then you’ll need to choose which qualification you want to process across the stage with. You'll wear the hood or stole for that qualification. Your other qualification(s) will be announced as you cross the stage.

Deferring attendance at a ceremony

If you would like to attend a ceremony more than 12 months after the completion of your qualification and you have exceptional reasons for not being able to attend a ceremony within 12 months, you may apply to defer your attendance. Deferring attendance is approved by the Graduation Office on a case-by-case basis.

Changing your application

Contact the Graduation Office if you want to change your selected presentation option on your graduation application once it has been submitted, or if you need to update your full legal name.

Your name

Your full legal name will be printed on your certificate and published on the online roll of graduates. It will also be published in the graduation programme if you choose to attend a graduation ceremony. Where applicable, levels of merit, distinction, and class of honours will also be published.

Speak to someone

Graduation Office

Phone: +64 4 463 5389