Find out about graduation eligibility and how to apply.

Eligibility to graduate

To be eligible for graduation, the following must:

  • have successfully defended your thesis at your oral exam
  • completed your corrections and amendments to the satisfaction of your school
  • lodged your thesis in the University Library.

You will then be informed that you have fulfilled the requirements of the doctoral degree and that you are eligible to graduate via letter from the Dean WFGR.

Applying to graduate

Once the Dean WFGR has approved the award of your PhD, you will be sent an email about the graduation process containing instructions on how to apply to have your degree conferred.

You may graduate in person at a graduation ceremony or you may have your qualification granted in absentia and then posted to you.

View the Graduation Office website for more information.

Advance graduation

Because the examination process for doctoral students is a lengthy one, it is possible to apply for graduation before you have completed all of the requirements for the award of your degree. You will need to complete the Application for Advance Graduation form below and return it to the Candidature Management Administrator, WFGR, by the one of the following deadlines:

  • 1 March (for a May graduation ceremony)
  • 1 October (for a December graduation ceremony).

This will mean a place in the ceremony is “held” for you pending the following:

  • Completion of an online application for conferment of your degree (as notified by email from the Graduation Office).
  • Payment of any outstanding tuition fees, or other fees and Library fines by 1 March (for May ceremonies) or 1 October (for December ceremonies).
  • Deposit of the hard-bound copy and the electronic copy of your thesis in the University Library by mid-April (for May ceremonies) or mid-November (for December ceremonies—exact dates will be advised.

After graduation

After graduation, you are encouraged to remain involved in the life of the University.

You will be automatically enrolled on the Register of the Court of Convocation, which elects five members to the University Council.

You may join the Alumni community, which will help you keep up-to-date with news and events at Victoria University of Wellington.

You may also be interested in the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation, a charitable trust which raises funds for a variety of projects with the help of graduates.

Wellington Careers and Employment will be able to provide you with advice about employment and career options.