The Student Success Office team manages the examination processes for courses within the Faculty.

This includes anything from scheduling to preparing exam papers. General information about exams at this university—including exam rules, types of assessment, aegrotats, and what to do if you can’t sit an exam—is on the University’s Examination and assessments page.

Examination timetables

View your personalised exam timetable through the myTimetable tool. Timetables for examinations are usually available at least a month before the beginning of the exam period.

Make sure you note down the date, time, and room of all of your examinations. Be aware that you may have examinations on a different campus from where your course is taught.

Help at final assessment or exam time

There is help available if you’re feeling unwell or are facing serious personal circumstances in the lead up to exams or final assessment due dates. Contact the Student success office to discuss your options or find out more about what help is available at exam time.

Reconsideration of an assessment

If you think that the grade you have been given for a piece of work or examination is unfair or has been incorrectly calculated, the first thing you should do is contact the course coordinator. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing this with the course coordinator, you can talk to the programme director.

Requests should be made within two weeks of the result being available, except for final examinations where the following deadlines apply:

  • Trimester 1 courses: 31 August
  • Trimester 2 courses: 31 January
  • Trimester 3 courses: 30 April.

Examination scripts and other assessments

You can collect your examination script and other assessments from the relevant school following the reconsideration deadline (see above) for a period of up to one month. After this deadline, all documents are destroyed.

After a script has been returned to you, it cannot be reconsidered. If you are thinking of asking for a reconsideration or wish to see the script before collection is allowed, then you can ask permission from the school to read the script and the marking guide in a supervised environment. Alternatively, you can ask for a copy of the work and the marking guide from the school.