Go on, mate podcast

Kiwi blokes hate talking about their feelings. We want to change that. G'Day! Go on, Mate, is a podcast that aims to normalise men talking about how they're feeling. We're here to talk about more than just cricket and our favourite beers. We are here to try and make a difference and show that it's okay to not be okay.

Hosted by alumni Jack Walker and Sam Bell, the show bridges the gap between lads' chat and mental health awareness. Jack and Sam interview people that they find interesting, and through episodes, they try to shed light on this very important cause.

Listen to episodes at Salient Podcasts:

  • Episode one—'Running laps sucks' with Michael Turnbull
  • Episode two—Tinder, relationships and eating disorders with Sarah Saunders
  • Episode three—Beers, bartending and boys' schools with Dusty Sunday Sessions—part one
  • Episode four—Beers, bartending and boys' schools with Dusty Sunday Sessions—part two
  • Episode five—Fried chicken, moustaches and wellbeing with Ryan Meachen
  • Episode six—Wellbeing with New Zealand's most ineligible bachelor, Art Green
  • Episode seven—Leadership, resilience and boys' schools with Jake Bailey

Go on, Mate is a collaborative project between students, Salient, Mauri Ora—Student Health and Manawa Ora—Student Wellbeing. Produced by Salient Podcasts—Francesa Georiga Pietkiewicz.