myDegree is a tool to help you plan your degree and see how far along you are. It’s available to all undergraduate and Honours programme students.

From 7 April, myDegree will have a new interface. Instead of having all data in one scrolling window, requirements will now be in boxes which can be expanded or closed depending on how much you want to see. The image below gives you an idea of what you’ll see when you log in.

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Screenshot of the new myDegree user interface.

myDegree makes the study path of your chosen degree clear—you can see the courses you have completed, how many points you have towards your degree and what you need to complete your degree and graduate.

myDegree also features two planning tools:

  • Look Ahead’ allows you to check that the courses you want to take are beneficial for your study path
  • ‘What If?’ lets you see what happens if you want to change a major or degree.

Log in to myDegree

Using myDegree

myDegree is a planning tool—not an official audit of your qualification/s or an academic transcript. If you require either of these, contact your Faculty Student and Academic Services Office.

Changing your enrolled courses

Selecting courses using the ‘Look Ahead’ or ‘What If?’ tools in myDegree does not enrol you into the courses. You will need to use the online enrolment system, the Add/Drop function in Student Records, or contact your Faculty Student and Academic Services Office.

myDegree planning tools

‘Look Ahead’ indicates whether or not a course will be beneficial to meeting qualification and major requirements—it does not indicate if the courses are offered for the current or forthcoming year.

‘What If?’ lets you see what happens if you want to change a major or degree. It will tell you about the requirements for the changes you are considering.

myDegree status circles

The requirements circles will only show 100% once all conditions are met and all grades are in. If you are enrolled in your final courses this year, you won't change from 98% to 100% until those grades are in.

Asterisk against a course

An asterisk (*) against a course in the requirements fields indicates that course has a prerequisite.