Learning and teaching Trimester 3 2022

Learning and Teaching is being delivered in-person and online until the end of Trimester 3, 2022 (ending February 2023).

Almost all courses are currently offered in dual mode (both fully online and in-person).

Exams and assessments

Exams and assessments can take place in person. Many courses will allow students to choose between in-person and online assessment alternatives. Only a small number of courses will require all students to attend an assessment, test or examination in-person.

You should refer to our Learning environment- Nuku (or equivalent course page) for details, noting that these may change during the trimester as the COVID-19 situation changes.

Extensions and alternative provisions for individual students

If you are unwell, get in touch with your course coordinators once you are well enough to talk to them. Your course coordinators will be empathetic and supportive and will discuss with you all of the options that are available given your circumstances.

In the case of illness (COVID-related or otherwise) you will not be required to obtain a medical certificate if you were unable to see a medical professional.

Online teaching support for tutors

Tutors will have access through our learning environment, Nuku to resources designed to help prepare for online tutoring. Any student who wishes to will have access to these resources.

Recording of lectures

In 2022, most lectures will either be recorded or equivalent videos covering the same material will be available on Nuku. In a small number of cases, no recorded lectures will be available, but in such cases the lectures will be live streamed on Zoom.

Lecture theatres should be considered to be public places, and it is recommended that you do not have private conversations within the lecture theatre.

Workplace-based learning

Students attending workplace-based learning in person at other organisations will be subject to the policies, practices, and public health control requirements that apply to that workplace. You will be advised of these requirements.

Prior to your course commencing, there will be a plan in place to make sure you are able to complete your course even if your host organisation is unable to continue the placement due to a change in COVID-19 settings.

An alternative placement will be arranged for you if your workplace-based learning course is a degree or subject requirement. This alternative placement is subject to the requirements of any relevant professional accreditation body.

Studying while you have COVID-19

If you are feeling well enough, you may still like to study whilst you are isolating. Contact your course coordinator if you are concerned.

Think about whether you have everything you need to be able to study at home. The University laptop loan scheme can help you access a computer if you do not have one.

Student Learning has online resources to support you while you are studying remotely.

If you are studying at postgraduate level, make a plan for regular communication with your supervisor.