Academic transcripts

Academic transcripts are official records of your study and achievements that you may need to provide when applying for a job, scholarship or further study.

Get a copy of your transcript when you finish studying

When your Student Success Team has marked your qualification complete, you’ll receive a free digital copy of your academic transcript through the myeQuals platform.

An email will be sent to your preferred email address in the Student Records tool in Pūaha. Email with any changes to your preferred email address once you have finished studying.

Ordering a copy of your transcript

You can order a digital or hard copy of your transcript if:

  • you completed your qualification before July 2018
  • need a transcript before you’ve completed your qualification.

Transcripts are prepared by the relevant Student Success team and may take up to seven working days to be processed.

If you have special requests—for example you need your hard copy transcript signed and sealed, or sent to multiple addresses—let us know in the "Additional Information" section of the form. Your Student Success team will contact you regarding any additional costs.

Digital copies will be provided through the myeQuals platform.


If you need a digital transcript before completing your qualification, there is a NZ$20 fee.

If you require a hard copy of your official transcript, the standard fee is NZ$20 for the first copy and NZ$10 for each additional copy, plus postage or courier costs.

Wellington College of Education graduates

If you attended the Wellington College of Education before 2005, you can apply for an academic transcript using the forms above.

Transcript format

All transcripts include:

  • your legal name and student ID number
  • the status of your qualification (whether your degree is sought, completed or granted)
  • your course results, listed chronologically
  • any points accrued towards your Victoria University of Wellington qualifications based on courses from other institutions
  • any awards and scholarships you’ve been awarded during your studies
  • entrance qualifications, eg. NCEA, Bursary, Special Admission.

Transcripts include the new ceremonial crest. The legal name of the University is Victoria University of Wellington.

For information on understanding the codes and acronyms on transcripts, read our page on understanding transcripts.