What’s required for each of the three Wellington Plus Programme components at both Certificate and Award level.

Your Wellington Plus Certificate achievements can count towards your Wellington Plus Award.


Choose a range of activities and start gaining points.

  • You can choose activities on campus and in the Wellington region.
  • You need to submit Activity Verification forms showing your hours and involvement.
  • Points are allocated for each activity when your form is received.
  • See examples of activities and read the full approved activities list on CareerHub.

Points system

You receive points for each activity you do. The number of points you get depends on the type of work, the time you put in and responsibility you hold.

For example:

  • Volunteering as a Class Representative will earn you 20 points.
  • Becoming a trained, committed Campus Coach would get between 35 and 70 points a year.
  • Mentoring other students for two trimesters could earn you up to 120 points a year.


You need to participate in at least two different approved activities and gain a minimum of 100 points, of which 50 points must be from voluntary (non-compensated) roles.


You need to participate in a range of approved activities and gain a minimum of 300 points, of which 150 points must be from voluntary (not compensated) roles.

Personal and professional development

There are three categories of seminars and workshops to attend.

  • Category A—leadership and social responsibility. Topics may include leadership and development, women in leadership, corporate social responsibility, and developing high performance teams.
  • Category B—skills development. Options include networking skills, mind mapping and critical thinking.
  • Category C—Options include CV, cover letter and interview workshops and events focused on career development.


You need to attend and have verified a minimum of two workshops—one from category A and one from category B.


You need to attend and have verified a minimum of six workshops or seminars, including two from each of the three categories.

Reflection and building an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio will help you take stock of your new skills and be proud of your achievements.

  • Attend the ePortfolio workshop.
  • Your CareerHub ePortfolio will include reflective pieces on your experiences, graduate attributes and other employment skills.

Certificate and Award requirements

Guidelines are provided explaining how to complete your ePortfolio to Certificate and Award level.