Speaker events

WILP speaker events are your chance to learn from, and engage with, business, political and cultural leaders from all over the world.

The events are usually public lectures, debates, workshops and panel discussions. As a WILP participant, you are required to attend at least five speaker events as part of the programme.

Speakers represent various partner organisations, and our Diplomatic Dialogue Series benefits from input by representatives from diplomatic missions in Wellington.

In previous years, we have had speaker events by the OECD Secretary-General, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, a former US Supreme Court Judge, the High Commissioner of Pakistan and Robert Fisk, to name a few.

Diplomatic Dialogues

The Diplomatic Dialogue series within the WILP offers a unique opportunity for students to interact with representatives of embassies and high commissions. In some cases, diplomats may focus primarily on introducing students to key issues facing their country, while in others, they may focus on their country’s foreign policy and its place in the world arena, including its relationship with New Zealand.

Previous Diplomatic Dialogue presenters have included the high commissioners of Britain, India and Pakistan and ambassadors from France, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.