WILP grant

If you are interested in participating in an exchange programme as one of your Experiential Activities, we can help support you with a WILP grant.

Complete the following requirements prior to your exchange and we will help you by boosting the regular Wellington Global Exchange grant, up to a maximum total of $2,500, to help fund your exchange.

Students in their final year of study may be considered for this grant on a case-by-case basis. However, they must have participated in the WILP to a sufficient level to satisfy WILP grant requirements and be able to complete the final WILP components before the conferment of their Victoria University of Wellington degree.

WILP grant requirements

We recommend that you allow at least two full trimesters (one academic year) to complete these requirements before going on the Wellington Global Exchange programme.

  • Notify the WILP team that you have applied for Wellington Global Exchange.
  • Attend and submit reflections on EIGHT seminars.
  • Attend and submit reflections on THREE speaker events.
  • Attain 50 experiential activity points.
  • Agree to complete WILP upon your return from your Wellington Global Exchange and/or before you finish your degree.
  • Agree to return the grant if you are unable to finish the full WILP before completing your Victoria University of Wellington degree.
  • Complete, sign and return the WILP/Wellington Global Exchange grant form that can be found on Blackboard, under WILP Grant.