Eligibility and how to join

If you’re interested in joining WILP, you’ll find all you need to know about our eligibility requirements and how to sign up for the programme on this page.

The Wellington International Leadership Programme (WILP) is open to ALL Victoria University of Wellington students pursuing a degree. The following people are therefore not eligible to participate in WILP:

  • those who are in pre-degree programmes like EPP, Foundation Studies and University Preparation (once you commence your Bachelor’s degree programme, you would be eligible to participate)
  • Victoria University of Wellington graduates who are not currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree programme
  • those attending Victoria University of Wellington short courses or non-degree programmes.

There is a tailored version of WILP available only to Study Abroad and Exchange students who are here for shorter periods of degree study.

WILP is usually completed over the course of a three-year undergraduate degree. It is possible for some students to complete it in a shorter time period, but this would require considerably more effort and careful planning.

In order to attain the WILP full certificate, you must complete all required components.

Completing the online form

To sign up for WILP, you need to complete the Wellington International Leadership Programme Registration form online. Below you will find an explanation of some of the information asked for when completing the form.

SCS username

This is the username you use to access your student email and online systems, such as Blackboard, Office365 and myAllocator.

Student type

  1. Select ‘undergraduate’ if you are doing your first university qualification, a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Select ‘postgraduate’ if you are doing a postgraduate qualification, Honours, Master’s or PhD).
  3. Select ‘NZAID’ if you are receiving a scholarship from NZAID or the Commonwealth Fund, even if you also qualify as an undergraduate or postgraduate student.
  4. Select ‘Study Abroad and Exchange’ if you are visiting New Zealand for part of your degree study for one or two trimesters on Study Abroad or Exchange, even if you also qualify as an undergraduate or postgraduate student. Also include your Study Abroad provider or Home University.

Year of study

“Year of study” refers to the year in which you are currently studying within your undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme, such as first, second, third or fourth year.

Domestic or international student

A domestic student is a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand permanent resident. However, if you feel that your identity is more closely aligned with being international (for example, you are ethnically Japanese but became a New Zealand resident) feel free to indicate that you are an international student.

If your primary purpose for being in New Zealand is to study at Victoria University of Wellington, you should indicate that you are an international student.

Please choose carefully as you cannot change your registration status once enrolled.

WILP Honesty Policy

The WILP Honesty Policy states that you have provided truthful and accurate information to WILP. We require students to agree to this as we rely on information provided during the experiential activity component for final assessment and certificate eligibility. Providing false information may result in disqualification from WILP.