Tertiary concession

All eligible full-time Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington students can receive a tertiary concession on Metlink bus, rail, and ferry services.

The tertiary concession is a 25 percent discount off the peak adult Snapper fare on Metlink bus services, and the single 10-Trip Ticket fare on Metlink rail and ferry services. This doesn't apply to cash fares or monthly rail passes.

All full-time, or limited full-time (with appropriate evidence), students studying at Victoria University of Wellington and other Wellington-based Tertiary Education Organisations will be eligible for the tertiary concession.

Tertiary concessions are valid across the academic year and expire at the end of February the following year.

Any queries about the tertiary concession should be sent via email to transport@vuw.ac.nz

Access your tertiary concession


If you use the bus to get to campus, you need to use your Snapper card to receive the tertiary concession.

Find out more about where to buy and top-up your Snapper card, and which bus services can take you between campuses.

New students

At the start of each new academic year, new students who are fully enrolled and meet eligibility requirements will receive an automatic email from Metlink with instructions on how to register their Snapper card for the tertiary discount.

If you haven't received an email from Metlink, you can register your Snapper card using the online Tertiary Snapper portal.

When you next use your Snapper card on the bus, the Snapper reader will show the word 'tertiary' and your discount will be applied to your fare.

Returning students

If you used the tertiary concession for your Snapper fares the previous academic year and are already enrolled full time, or limited full time (with appropriate evidence), for the new academic year, your new tertiary concession should be automatically renewed and applied to your Snapper card by the beginning of Trimester 1.

To check if your concession has been renewed for the new academic year, log in to your Snapper account to view your concession details and expiry date.

Contact transport@vuw.ac.nz if your concession is not automatically renewed.

Train and ferry

Students who use a train or ferry to get to campus can receive a tertiary concession on the single 10-Trip Ticket fare.

If you use the Metlink train service more than 40 times a month, if might be cheaper to purchase a full-price adult monthly pass, rather than buying multiple 10-Trip Ticket fares using your concession—view Metlink's ticket prices to compare fare options.

New and returning students

To take advantage of this fare discount, you need a concession sticker for your Student ID card.

Stickers expire at the end of February each year, so you will need to get a new sticker at the start of each academic year.

You can collect your new concession sticker for your Student ID card from the following service points across campuses:

  • Enrolment counter, level 1, Hunter building, Kelburn campus
  • Info Ihonui desk, level 1, Hunter building, Kelburn campus
  • Info Ihonui desk, ground floor, Rutherford House, Pipitea campus
  • Info Ihonui desk, ground floor, Te Aro campus.