Student services and support

Contact the Student and Academic Services team at the Wellington Faculty of Education.

The Student and Academic Services Office at the Wellington Faculty of Education supports and advises students on admission requirements, programme planning, enrolment and enquiries on any other issues that may arise. The Student Advisors support students throughout their study.

Student Advice for undergraduate students studying courses contributing to a Bachelor of Arts is available from the Student Advisers in the Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Student and Academic Services office

The Student and Academic Services Office is located at the Kelburn Campus, with staff available between 9.30 am–3.30 pm, Monday to Friday (from 10 am on Wednesdays).

Level 4, Murphy Building, Kelburn Parade
Kelburn Campus
Phone: 04 463 9500

Manager, Student Success · Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
Titoko - Centre for Student Success · Student and Academic Services

Student advisors

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Micky Maguire

Team Leader, Student Success
Titoko - Centre for Student Success

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Isabella Miles

Senior Student Success Adviser

Titoko - Centre for Student Success

Financial advice

The Student Finance Advisers can help you manage your personal finances by providing confidential budget advice and individual financial plans.

The Advisers have close links with the Ministry of Social Development and can help you with problems associated with student allowances and loan applications.

Contact the Student Finance Advisory Service at:

Phone: 04 463 6644