Inclusive learning software

Inclusive learning software is available for students and staff to make learning and engaging more accessible in the modern digital world.

We currently have three core Inclusive Learning Software programs available that have been chosen to provide support throughout your academic journey.


Glean is a digital note taking software that boosts your ability to learn and build knowledge from your courses. It is designed with the knowledge that active engagement with taking notes helps to identify and retain key information — no matter the level or style of your note taking.

Traditional approaches to note taking often forces us to make a compromise between paying attention and taking down notes. Glean aims to remove the need for compromise by allowing you to focus on and interact with the lecture while still being able to produce usable, relevant notes.

Students who have difficulty with attention, concentration, organisation, or information overload have found this software beneficial.

Watch a quick Introduction to Glean.

Learn more about Glean on our Glean website.


Read&Write is a digital support tool that can help students with a variety everyday study tasks. It helps by reading text out loud, providing context and definitions for unfamiliar words, and provides enhanced capabilities for spell-checking and proofing written work. It also includes a whole host of other features to enhance the learning and teaching experience such as image and PDF conversion capabilities.

This software is available on all student computers. You can find the icon on the desktop. To download the software on your own personal computer, go to the Student Software Download website.

Staff can download this software from the VUW Software Centre which is listed in the Start menu on your PC. This software is available on the Staff Download website to install on your own personal computer.

To book a session to learn more about Read&Write visit the Discover Inclusive Learning Software booking page.

A wide group of students and staff at the University have found this software useful, particularly researchers, those with English as a second language, those with disabilities such as specific learning disabilities, ADHD, audio processing disability, and Autism.

Read our user guide for Read&Write.

Watch a quick introduction to Read&Write on Blackboard.


EquatIO helps make any course with formulas or equations accessible in a digital environment: from maths or chemistry to philosophy or logic; This tool does for equations and formula what Read&Write does for writing. Giving you the freedom to create formulas and equations by either speaking, drawing, or typing into your device.

EquatIO includes both a scientific and graphing calculator, support for chemistry with molecular visualisation and a periodic table, LaTeX import/export support, alongside a powerful screen reader that gives you the ability to read equations from images or content on your device.

Students with specific learning disabilities, ADHD, audio processing disability, and difficulty reading/writing numbers have found this software beneficial.

If you are a student and think this software will be beneficial for you, please make an appointment with your Disability and Inclusion Adviser.

Read our user guide for EquatIO.