Textbooks and course notes

Find out what textbooks, student notes, and course materials you'll need for your courses—buy or order them in advance so you're ready for when classes start.

Finding your required textbooks and course materials

Your textbooks, student notes (compilations of selected readings), and other materials for your course are chosen by your lecturer. The items on the list that they set play a vital role in your learning and are an essential part of your study.

To find out what books, student notes, and course materials you need for your course, you can:

  • Check the course outline handout.
  • Look up the course in the course finder.
  • Lecturers often use the Nuku system to share course materials and requirements for the courses they're teaching.

Where to get your textbooks and course materials

With Vic Books now closed, you can get all your course materials online from the Campus Books website.

Campus Books is our new provider of textbooks and University merchandise. Campus Books is a specialist textbooks operator which also provides services to Waikato, Massey, and Lincoln universities

Campus Books is planning on opening a physical store in the Hub in Kelburn Campus.

The Lab, a much-loved and well-established food spot on our campuses, will be opening a new outlet in a portion of the space left by Vic Books. You can find out more about this change on our Food and drink webpage.