myeQuals is a service that provides you with certified digital versions of your academic transcripts and qualification certificates.

These digital documents can be shared with potential employers when you apply for a job, or with other universities if you are applying to do further study, without needing to have paper copies verified.

The University guarantees the authenticity of documents when they are accessed online through the myeQuals portal. So rather than having to obtain hard copies of these documents and have these copies verified by a lawyer or notary, students and graduates can simply share a link to a secure digital version of these documents.

This system is currently being used by universities around the world, including most major institutions in Australia and all eight New Zealand universities.

Ordering a digital transcript

Find out how to order a digital version of your academic transcript on the academic transcripts webpage.

How do I access myeQuals?

The first time any of your documents are uploaded to myeQuals you’ll receive an email prompting you to register on the myeQuals system. If you’re a current student, this email will be sent to the email address listed as your preferred contact in Student Records. Please ensure you keep this address up to date.

If you are a former student, the email will be sent to the email address you provided on our transcript request form. You can also choose this email address to be used as your preferred contact email for future correspondence from the University, including alumni communications.

If you've been registered on myeQuals using a Victoria University of Wellington student email address, you must add a personal email address as your primary email address. This ensures you can continue to access your documents after you leave the University and your student email account has been deactivated.

When you’ve registered on myeQuals, you can access your documents using the online Portal.

Log in to myeQuals

Compatible browsers

If the application is not displaying correctly or you experience another type of error, check your browser version.

The myeQuals application is compatible with IE version 11, and the latest two versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Accessing digital documents

You can access the system to view or share your documents when applying for jobs or applying for further study at another university provided you’ve registered on myeQuals.

When you’ve got a new document to view, or if an existing document is updated myeQuals will send you an email. This might happen when your qualification status changes from “complete” to “granted”.

From July 2018, all students completing a qualification will receive a free academic transcript through myeQuals when completion of that qualification(s) has been verified by the relevant Faculty Office.

Hard-copy qualification certificates will continue to be presented on graduation, but from July 2018 students will also receive a digital copy of this certificate through myeQuals.

Current students or graduates requesting transcripts will also be provided digital documents through myeQuals unless a hard copy is specifically requested.

myeQuals document security

The myeQuals systems have been independently tested by security experts to ensure documents are authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid when viewed online. All documents have digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.

Students and graduates cannot upload or modify documents in myeQuals. They can only view and share the documents the University has uploaded.

These security features are void if you choose to print the digital documents, but you can still request official, certified hard copies from the University.