Tītoko—Centre for Student Success

The Tītoko team provides front line and ongoing assistance to students across all faculties and schools, and our name reflects our supporting role.

About Tītoko

Tītoko is a new Centre for Student Success that has been created to provide comprehensive support for students across all of the University's faculties and schools.

Our iho (essence) is to provide holistic advice that meets the needs of our diverse community of tauira (students), who are at the centre of our mahi (work).

Tītoko acts as a first port-of-call for questions about studies, student administration, support services, and student life in general.

Every student has access to a Student Success Adviser, who can provide more in-depth support. Our Student Success Advisers are organised into subject area teams, many of which are co-located with faculty offices.

What Tītoko means

In the Māori language, a tītoko is the supporting rod between the mast and sail of a waka (canoe). We see this supporting rod as the support we provide our tauira on their lifelong learning journey.

Te Herenga Waka

The University's Māori name, Te Herenga Waka, means the mooring place of waka. It is also the name of our marae. This name signals that we are a place where people—no matter where they are from—can ‘hitch their waka’ and belong. When our tauira are ready to leave the University, they can unhitch their waka and sail off to new horizons, while still maintaining a deep connection to Te Herenga Waka.