Tutorial sign-up

Find out about tutorials, labs, and studios and how to sign up for them each trimester through myAllocator.

Sign up for tutorials

Sign up for tutorials by logging in to myAllocator using your Victoria University of Wellington username and password.

Sign-ups don't all open at once, so you may need to log in a number of times as your courses open.

Tutorials, labs and studios

These are smaller group-teaching sessions led by a tutor or lecturer to provide opportunity for discussion, experiments, project work and individual assistance.

Tutorials usually start two to three weeks into each trimester. Further information about tutorials, labs and studios are in your Course Outline.

myAllocator tutorial sign-up

MyAllocator is a tutorial and lab sign-up system, and it also displays your lecture timetable. It helps you plan your timetable and makes sure you don’t have any clashes with other courses.

Most tutorials will not be loaded into myAllocator until the start of the first trimester and tutorials that are loaded may not be available for sign up immediately. If you are concerned about your tutorial being unavailable, contact your course coordinator.

Checklist for using myAllocator

Before you use myAllocator, check that:

  • You have been enrolled in your course for 48 hours or more.
  • You have got your University username and password.
  • You know if your tutorials are available for sign-up.
  • After selecting your tutorial make sure you save your choice using the save button.
  • If you are waiting for a tutorial to open make sure you log out of the system then log in again. The refresh button does not work for this.