Find out about timetables, tutorials, examination dates and access myAllocator to sign-up for your tutorials.

Your personal timetable

Please check your personal timetable for all lectures.

Lectures and tutorials

Use myAllocator or myTimetable to view your timetable. Sign-up to your tutorials and labs using myAllocator.

myTimetable's data is a copy of the timetables found in myAllocator. If you are not signed up to a lecture or tutorial in myAllocator, you will not see it in myTimetable.

Academic timetables

The academic timetables contain the teaching schedule for the relevant academic year. Tutorials, workshops, and studios will be added as they are booked.

The 2021 Academic Timetable and 2022 Academic Timetable are available to download.

If your course does not appear on the timetable, contact your faculty office to find out more.

How to read the timetable

CRN (Course Reference Number)

The CRN is a number unique to a course offered in any one year. It distinguishes between identical courses taught in different trimesters or different modes (eg. lecture and distance), or between different streams of the same course in a particular trimester.


Dates are named for the Monday of the first week to the Monday of the last week a course runs. For example, a course that is listed as running for “Wks of 11 Jul–15 Aug", will run from the week of Monday 11 July to the week of Monday 15 August. Days M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, U = Sunday.


This column indicates the type of teaching for each course—lectures and tutorials.

Examination/assessment information

Mid-year exams/assessments

Students who have officially scheduled exams or assessments can view their personal timetables via myTimetable—timetables are not visible through Student Records.

End-year exams/assessments

The end year examination/assessment timetable (Excel) is now available for viewing. The timetable only shows events with rooms and those online with a specific date/time.