Business incubators and entrepreneurship

Be part of bringing great business ideas to life and consider contributing your skills to help a student get started in the business world.

Momentum programme

Momentum is a national programme made up of student-led Investment Committees with a focus on providing advice, support, and funding for start-up ventures. The committees work to develop knowledge through engaging with investors and others working with startups. Although led by students, the committees invite members of the business community to be involved in their work.

The Atom—innovation space

Students have the opportunity to use The Atom—a space at Wellington School of Business and Government where they can connect with industry and each other to share and develop ideas and build business skills and knowledge.

The Atom invites business people to come in and support our students. This could take the form of:

  • fireside chats
  • mentoring
  • drop-in sessions
  • workshops
  • sponsorship.

If you’d like to connect with students in The Atom, contact Professor Stephen Cummings, Director of Entrepreneurship Programmes at Wellington School of Business and Government. The Atom is located in Rutherford House at 23 Lambton Quay.

Get in touch

Talk to us about any of the programmes listed above, or other ways you can support an entrepreneurial student.

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