A vaccine for zero deaths from breast cancer

You can support the development of a home-grown vaccine that develops immunity against the recurrence of breast cancer.

Tackling breast cancer recurrence

As a result of research discoveries in the last few decades, we currently have therapies that help 80% of women survive their first breast cancer diagnosis. It is now time for research into treatments that will remove or alleviate the fear of survivors like Jenny that their cancer will return.

Dr Gavin Painter and his team at the University’s Ferrier Research Institute are developing a vaccine that could prevent the return of metastic cancer in cancer survivors. It would potentially help survivors to develop immunity against the return of breast cancer—and save lives.

Dr Painter's research is supported by a partnership between the Ferrier and Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand. You too can be part of our vision of a future where there are zero deaths from breast cancer.

Our impact: the triple bottom line

The Ferrier Institute is partnered with Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand to help achieve their vision to save women’s lives, support whānau and the breast cancer community, and transform our medical research landscape.

We are committed to a 'triple bottom line', similar to that of a responsible business that measures its social and environmental impact as well as its financial performance. Our breast cancer vaccine has the potential to have tremendous impact in three distinct ways.

1. Saving women’s lives

If we prevent breast cancer recurrence, we save lives. The latest Ministry of Health mortality report shows nearly 700 deaths from breast cancer in 2019. Breast cancer is the number one cause of death for New Zealand women under 65.

2. Supporting whānau and the breast cancer community

Imagine knowing your grandmother, sister, or daughter was protected from cancer’s return. Our breast cancer vaccine will give whānau peace of mind, and give the breast cancer community hope for a future where there are zero deaths from breast cancer.

3. Transforming our medical research landscape

A homegrown breast cancer vaccine will launch Aotearoa New Zealand’s commercial research networks into the global spotlight—both in terms of intellectual property and manufacturing. We will gain international recognition as a world leader in cancer immunotherapies and biotechnologies, developing new talent, and attracting investment and resources to continue our critical work.

Raising funds for clinical trials

We are committed to raising the philanthropic funding needed to take Dr Painter’s vaccine to clinical trials.

Philanthropy has the power and the potential to fund medical research at this early stage that might otherwise be forgotten or ignored. Dr Painter’s research is at the stage where philanthropy can help fund the design and important regulations needed to get this vaccine to trial.

Get in touch

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how you can support our breast cancer immunotherapy research.

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