Centres of Asia–Pacific Excellence

The three CAPEs work to enhance New Zealanders’ economic, trade, political, and cultural relationships with the Asia–Pacific region.

Three circular logos for the North Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America Centres for Asia–Pacific Excellence

In 2016 the New Zealand Government allocated $34 million to developing three Centres of Asia–Pacific Excellence in New Zealand universities. The Centres are tasked with better preparing New Zealanders to engage and do business in the region.

Victoria University of Wellington hosts the Southeast Asia and Latin America CAPEs, and the North Asia CAPE is hosted by the University of Auckland. All three CAPEs operate within a consortium of universities that also includes the University of Waikato and the University of Otago.

Working within an academic consortium means we access specialist, evidence-based research that supports business success and develops students to be business and global leaders of the future.

The CAPEs also work with many other partners to enhance understanding of the cultures and economies of Asia–Pacific countries in the wider community.

CAPEs in action

The CAPEs offer workshops, programmes, internships, and other initiatives to support New Zealand's businesses, schools, communities, and students to better understand the Asia–Pacific region. Our activities aim to:

  • increase the number of New Zealanders who have appropriate language and cultural skills relating to the Asia–Pacific region
  • enhance public awareness of the importance of the Asia–Pacific region
  • highlight how the study of Asia–Pacific languages, culture, and society lead to success in the region
  • enhance links between New Zealand and the Asia–Pacific region.

Visit the individual CAPEs websites to find out more about our events and programmes.

More Asia–Pacific connections

Victoria University of Wellington has other centres and institutes that also contribute to New Zealanders’ increased understanding and ability to engage with the Asia–Pacific:

  • Chair in Business in Asia—creates and shares knowledge that promotes and supports effective New Zealand business engagement with Asia.
  • New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre—promotes knowledge and understanding of contemporary China in New Zealand through research, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.
  • Confucius Institute—dedicated to promoting Chinese language teaching and to fostering international cultural and intellectual exchange.
  • VILLA—Victoria Institute for Links with Latin America is a cross-disciplinary institute that aims to expand links with academics, diplomats, and policy makers in Latin America.

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Dr Matthew O’Meagher

Latin America CAPE

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Professor Siah Hwee Ang

Southeast Asia CAPE