Alumni Appeal Scholarships

Thank you to our alumni and friends for your dedicated support of Alumni Appeal Scholarships—you provide life-changing scholarships to students.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity for a great future and scholarships that help keep our students in university are one way that we continue to give our students the support they need to achieve their ambitions. The all-important second year is when students really need to be able to concentrate on their studies but with so much focus on helping young people get into university, this group are all too often left to fend for themselves financially.

Receiving a scholarship can be life changing, and particularly in the second year, they really can be the difference between whether someone continues their education or doesn’t.

These scholarships are intended for those students experiencing financial hardship and who may not be able to continue their studies otherwise. They help our students cover the ‘real cost’ of studying such as paying for rent and food, and buying books, and they allow students the opportunity to work fewer hours as they are less dependent on earned income.

The success of this initiative relies solely on the collective support of our alumni and friends—a gift today, no matter the size, will make a real difference to the life of a student tomorrow.

If you understand the value of receiving a university education and all the opportunities an undergraduate degree can bring, consider donating to the Alumni Appeal and help us to keep more talented students on the road to a great future.

Alumni Appeal scholarship students from left to right: Kalkidan Yohannes, Isidora Gonzalez Diaz, Jack Blackman, Eve Hagenson, and Sylvie Smith.

“I come from Ethiopia, located in the horn of Africa, and I have been living in Aotearoa New Zealand for nearly 16 years. Neither of my parents received a tertiary education and I am an only child, meaning that I am the first one to attend university. I am incredibly grateful to receive this scholarship as it has come at a crucial time for my family and I know it's not something that everyone around the world is provided with.

“I would like to thank the donors for their generosity. Receiving this scholarship is incredibly encouraging as I continue my studies. Once again, I would just like to say thank you.”

Kalkidan Yohannes, Bachelor of Science.