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A woman wearing a red jacket and blue leggings takes measurements on the ice on Brewster Galcier.

“When I first heard about the Girls on Ice project, it was as if I had been waiting ‘on ice’ to contribute to a cause close to my heart. To awaken the possibilities for girls to be introduced to the opportunities of the sciences at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is something I want to support.

“I’ve been there myself. I was a country girl with local schooling and missed the possibilities that this programme offers. I’m very keen to encourage girls towards all that this delivers.”

Beverley McCombs, Girls on Ice supporter

Girls on Ice is an innovative programme that will lead an expedition of 10 young women onto a New Zealand glacier. The expedition is planned for early 2022, and will provide the young women with the opportunity to spend time with scientists, artists, and mountaineers.

Research has shown that many young girls are interested in science, the outdoors and environmental protection, but often drift away as they get older. This results in fewer women in the science professions and, in particular, fewer women from underrepresented backgrounds.

The Girls on Ice programme aims to inspire the next generation of women scientists, artists and expedition leaders. It will be headed by a team of world-leading female researchers from the Antarctic Research Centre—including Dr Ruzica Dadic, Dr Lauren Vargo, and Dr Holly Winton—who are passionate about encouraging young women to explore science as a career path.

“When I was a teenager, I had the privilege to experience the outdoors through a local mountain club program that was specifically designed for young people. The experience changed my life; not only did I fall in love with snow, but I also realised what possibilities lie out there waiting for me. Today, I'm a snow scientist, and I know that I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Dr Ruzica Dadic, Senior Research Fellow

In order that young women from all walks of life can take part, spaces on the expedition are being offered free of charge. Your gifts will contribute to expedition costs such as gear, transport, instructors, insurance, and food.

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