Support the Student Hardship Fund

Help students who are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 by donating to the Student Hardship Fund.

During these unsettling times, many of our students are facing new challenges as they deal with the implications of COVID-19 and how it affects their day-to-day lives.

The ‘new normal’ has placed unexpected financial burden on many students. Applications to the Hardship Fund increased by 150% as the University and New Zealand went into lockdown and continue to surge; the Student Finance office is working diligently to respond with urgent support.

"So many more students are experiencing financial difficulties right now. They’ve lost their jobs and some are having to make decisions between paying bills, paying rent to keep a flat available and buying food. The help we can offer them eases their burden and they are all so grateful for the assistance we can give them. Your contribution would be such a boost to our students, and we will make sure it is used appropriately and wisely and reaches those that are in most need."
Pam Thorburn, Director Student Academic Services

You can help those students who are experiencing the worst hardship right now by donating to the Student Hardship Fund.