The New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre—Kōmaru Kura promotes knowledge and understanding of contemporary China in New Zealand through research, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Based at Victoria University of Wellington, the Centre partners with eight New Zealand universities to support seminars, visitor exchanges, conferences and collaborative research into the political, economic, and social life of China today.

NZCCRC Report: Talking Past Each Other

The New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre's latest working paper by Caleb Hoyle compares how New Zealand and Chinese news media cover New Zealand-China relations. 'Talking Past Each Other: Coverage of New Zealand-China Relations in New Zealand and Chinese Media.'

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On the Record

The New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre's latest working paper by Caleb Hoyle provides an introduction to the Chinese media landscape in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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Rethinking New Zealand’s China Dilemma

2021New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre Annual Public Lecture by Dr Malcolm McKinnon on New Zealand-China relations

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The Chinese Economy: New Policies, Challenges and Directions

This online Conference brought together three world experts to examine China's economic policies, challenges and future prospects.

Conference Programme
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China and Climate Change: Responding to a Global Challenge

This discussion paper on 'Climate Target Setting in China's 14th Five-Year Plan' is based on a presentation Professor PAN Jiahua delivered at the 2019 NZCCRC Annual International Conference

Discussion Paper
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The Belt and Road Initiative: A New Zealand Appraisal

This report provides recommendations for how New Zealand can appraise China’s BRI.

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The 19th Party Congress: A ‘New Era’ for China?

This symposium explored the outcomes of the Congress following China’s National People’s Congress meeting in March. It analysed the new leadership, policies, social issues and economic priority in the 'new era'.

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View from Oceania

The View from Oceania

This conference was hosted in Samoa and took a multidisciplinary approach to examining perspectives on China’s evolving relations with Pacific Island nations.

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