Types of internships

Discover some of the course-based internships we offer our students through our individual schools and faculties.

If you can’t find an internship below in the subject area you're looking for, contact the relevant school or faculty to discuss your needs.

Undergraduate internships

WFHSS internships

Become a host for an undergraduate intern and gain exposure to an emerging pool of talented future graduates. Our interns work with a range of organisations including businesses, government departments, charitable organisations, NGOs, and cultural and sporting organisations throughout Wellington. WFHSS internships are managed by the Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences but available to students from any discipline.

View our WFHSS Internship page for more information.

Software, electronic, network, and security engineers

Our professional practice focused, four-year Engineering Honours degree is accredited by Engineering New Zealand. Students must complete 800 hours of work experience as part of their preparation for the IT workplace. The Honours degree builds on the highly flexible three-year Computer Science degree. Discover more.

Computer Science

Hire a Computer Science student as an intern and get the benefit of a student who is able to code as well as having skills in subjects such as business, law, or humanities. We also have students who specialise in AI/machine learning, and computer graphics and games. Find out more.

Postgraduate internships

Arts and humanities

The Wellington Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers a range of internship programmes to postgraduate students that employers can take advantage of. These include Master’s programmes in museum and heritage, migration, politics, economics, government, Māori and Pacific studies, and the fine arts (creative practice).

Contact FHSS-Internships@vuw.ac.nz for more information.

UX design

Employers looking for interns in UX design can connect with one of our Master’s of User Experience Design students. The programme is offered through the Wellington ICT Graduate School—see their information for industry partners to find out more.

Science in Society

The School of Science in Society is interested in the relationship between science, scientists, society, the history of science, and the communication of scientific ideas and issues to different audiences and through a range of media. Our Master of Science in Society students are available for a wide range of placement projects including those involving research, policy, science communication and public engagement with science. Find out about Master of Science in Society work placements.

Software development

Consider partnering with a Masters of Software Development student intern to help you develop a software-based solution to your business issue. See the Wellington ICT Graduate School’s information for industry partners for further details.

IT engineers

Engage with mature students undertaking the conversion Master’s—the Master of Engineering Practice. You'll benefit from their maturity and pre-existing qualifications and many are international students with valuable global perspectives. Discover more.

Partner internships

Summer of Tech

The University is a partner in the popular Summer of Tech IT internship programme that connects businesses with IT and design students for paid summer internships.

Summer of Biz

Connect with one of our Human Resources or Marketing students by offering an internship through the Summer of Biz programme.