Stephanie McIntyre—BA 1975

Stephanie is an advocate for the most marginalised people in New Zealand, most notably those who are homeless.

Stephanie McIntyre has been a champion of the most marginalised citizens and a high-profile advocate for social justice throughout her working career.

For 13 years, she has been director of DCM (Downtown Community Ministry), a Wellington organisation working with people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. Her commitment is to end homelessness by thoroughly understanding, gathering evidence about and implementing practical solutions to address the complex issues that underlie homelessness in New Zealand.

Stephanie and her team at DCM are dedicated to working with people others often overlook, working in ways that are respectful, inclusive and welcoming. Continually seeking new solutions to assist poor Wellingtonians, their recent developments include the launch of a dental service in partnership with the Wellington Dental Association.

For more than a decade, Stephanie has championed the establishment of ‘harm reduction’ housing as a bold, yet highly effective, accommodation option for the most vulnerable homeless population. The mayor of Wellington, Justin Lester, made the support of such a home one of his key election promises.

Formerly a social justice commissioner for the Anglican Church, Stephanie has a long history of speaking out on issues that impact on the poorest, most vulnerable citizens of Wellington. She continues to take on a number of roles to ensure that marginalised people in our community have a voice and that their views are heard.