She has to...make her own mathematics

Discover the intriguing world of mathematics with Professor Lisa Orloff Clark as she delves into infinity, symmetry, and her journey as a mathematician.

Join us for a unique mathematics lecture that explores the concepts of infinity and symmetry in ways you've never seen before. Professor Lisa Orloff Clark will share some of the mathematics she has 'made' along with stories of her journey to becoming a professor at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. This session aims to put some mathematics into your head, like an earworm while also providing insights into questions such as ‘What does a mathematician look like?’ and ‘What do mathematicians do?’.

Three professionally dressed academics standing in front of a photo featuring a serene lake scene, with a man engrossed in reading a book by the lakeside.
Inaugural lecture (left to right)—Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nic Smith, Professor Lisa Orloff Clark, and Dean of Engineering, Professor Dave Harper.

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