Hon Maryan Street

Maryan brings extensive governance acumen to the University Council with both inside and outside of Parliament experience.

AMusTCL MPhil (Hons) Auck, DipTchg, Auckland College of Education, BA (Hons) Well, BA Well.

As a former Cabinet Minister Maryan has detailed and practised knowledge of Government and Parliamentary processes.  During her career Maryan was involved in a large number of International and Human Rights related engagements.   Currently as KiwiRail Employee Relations Manager, Maryan brings an important human relations perspective to the Council.

Maryan has proven leadership of cross-interest groups and the ability to represent views and polices in public and private.  She is able to negotiate and build consensus, manage conflict and blend  opposing views to form an acceptable and durable conclusion.

Current term

8 September 2021–8 September 2025

Number of previous terms