Belonging to the Asia–Pacific region

Rangatiratanga—we lead and influence around the globe in ways that maintain our excellent reputation and connections.

The vibrant Asia–Pacific region defines the University’s future. We have a strong sense of belonging to the Asia–Pacific and exert substantial intellectual influence in the region.

As a global–civic university, we deepen partnerships in this region to bridge the local and the global, and to ensure that inter-cultural and global perspectives are integrated into all aspects of university life.

Our research has particular relevance to the Asia–Pacific region and we educate civic-minded, globally confident graduates who are comfortable living and working in the region and who are supported by an active and engaged alumni network.

We are ideally positioned to influence the policy and practice of governments in the region, particularly as these relate to governing for the future and to sustainability and wellbeing. We are well placed to contribute to the resolution of pressing global challenges as diverse as climate change and regional geopolitical tensions. This requires the University to strengthen its relationship with the public sector and the diplomatic communities in Wellington, while retaining the independence to engage critically with governments in a non-partisan fashion.

By 2025:

  • our deepest institutional relationships will be with universities from the Asia–Pacific region
  • our domestic students will have significantly more educational exchange opportunities in the region
  • students from the Asia–Pacific region will form the majority of an international student body that represents 25 percent of our total student population.