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Follow our cutting-edge research and learn more about topical issues through the University's public lecture series.

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Catch up on our spotlight lecture series with the following selection of recordings.

Post-election panel discussion wrap-up

Morgan Godfery, Jenée Tibschraeny, and Liam Hehir discuss New Zealand's general election and its implications.

Political communication in the 2023 election

Dr Mona Krewel, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, shares findings from the New Zealand Social Media Study.

Climate policy in a cost-of-living crisis

Join Alan Brent, Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems, and Catherine Iorns Magallanes, Professor in the Faculty of Law in this Spotlight series lecture.

Political donations research, conflicts of interest, and options for change

In this spotlight lecture, Professor Lisa Marriott and Max Rashbrooke discuss the research they completed in 2022 on political party donations.

2020 US Presidential Election

Speakers discuss and offer their insights on the 2020 US presidential election.

Inaugural lecture by Professor Ken Ryan

The impacts of environmental change on sea ice communities in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

Inaugural lecture by Professor Jan Jordan

The Price of being ‘Friends of Harvey': Men, Power, and Sexual Violence.

Pre-election predictions: What the political pundits have to say

With a few weeks until the General Election, what do our political pundits think we'll see come October 17?

2020 Election Spotlight Lecture Series

A series of webinars discussing and debating the issues that matter to you this election.

Melting ice and rising seas

Join the leading researchers and scientists from the ‘Melting Ice and Rising Seas’ team as they share the science of projecting sea-level rise.

Climate change—what's next for New Zealand?

What's next for New Zealand in the fight against climate change?

New Zealand's free trade talks with the United Kingdom

With free trade talks on the table with the UK, what are the impacts, opportunities, and challenges for New Zealand?

COVID-19 and public health seminar 2 | 'What's in the air?'

Join this second webinar on COVID-19 and Public Health to hear about the wider public health implications of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and public health seminar 1: 'On the ground'

Join this webinar to learn about the public health implications of COVID-19.

The future of work, digital technology, and government post COVID-19

Our panelists will share their insights on the future after COVID-19, and what it means for the future of work, digital technology, and government.

What does this mean for the longer term?

Perspectives on longer-term recovery strategies, including what it means for climate change response, the impact on health and wellbeing.

Recovery mode: how do you rebuild after disaster?

Our panelists discuss the recovery, how to rebuild after a disaster, what sectors are likely to change forever, the implications for international trade.

What now? The short-term economic responses to COVID-19

Our panel discuss the short-term economic outlook, the effect lockdown had on families, what sectors have been worse hit, and what can the government afford?