Benefits of working with us

There are many benefits to working at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, including being part of New Zealand’s top research university.

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s leading universities, officially ranked number one in the country for our research.

By joining the University’s community you will be part of an organisation dedicated to strengthening New Zealand’s position in the global knowledge economy. Our commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and the development of graduates who will shape and lead our country’s future, is supported by the excellence of our academic and professional staff.

Find out where you fit in our strategic direction and learn more about our research expertise.

Living and working in Wellington

Take advantage of the capital city’s position as central to New Zealand’s culture, creative arts and science endeavours, as well as the home of government and many international businesses. Explore the facilities and services on the University's campuses.

Induction and orientation

In order to ensure staff feel welcome and are able to carry out their roles effectively, the University has a new staff welcome programme for all staff. It is a half day programme that includes a pōhiri at Te Herenga Waka marae, and provides information about the history of the marae. There is time for staff to engage with the five Māori values and make connections with other staff from across the University community.

The programme is extended for academic staff by up to a further 2 days, to cover topics linked to teaching and research. In addition to the orientation programme, induction training is provided by the school or central services unit.

Equity diversity inclusion and values

The University is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment that values diversity and encourages equitable opportunities for staff regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, religious belief, physical capability, status, sexuality, or age.

Values and commitments

The University’s core ethical values are respect, responsibility, fairness, integrity, and empathy. These values are manifested in our commitment to civic engagement, sustainability, inclusivity, equity, diversity, and openness.

With, and as, tangata whenua, we value te Tiriti o Waitangi, rangatiratanga (leadership), manaakitanga (the generous fostering of knowledge), kaitiakitanga (responsibility for, and guardianship of, knowledge), whai mātauranga (intellectual curiosity), whanaungatanga (collaboration and collectiveness) and akoranga (collective responsibility for learning). The University’s strategic plan focuses on equitable outcomes for all.

Employment agreements

There are many different Employment agreements in use at the University depending on the nature of the role and permanency of the work. Where the work is covered by a current Collective Agreement, an employee will have the option to join one of two unions and remain on a Collective Agreement.

The University aims to work closely with union representatives from the Tertiary Education Union (TEU), the Public Sector Association (PSA), and other unions.

Health, safety and wellbeing

The University is committed to being a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment. The University aims to provide safe and sustainable campuses and facilities which recognise the needs of a diverse community. Visit the health and safety website for more information.

Employee assistance programme

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to permanent staff who have personal problems which may be affecting their work performance. This professional confidential assistance programme is provided without cost by the University.


Parental leave

The University offers a generous parental leave package to permanent staff members and staff members on fixed term employment agreements of 12 months or more, and who satisfy the eligibility requirements for statutory parental leave.

A scheme is available that supports academic parents returning to work after a long period away from the University. This includes funding to support attendance at conferences, training and development in support of academic career and research progression, which especially supports women and under-represented academic staff.

Study leave

Supported study is available for permanent professional staff, which may include a financial contribution to the cost of study fees or a time to undertake study and attend lectures.

Volunteer Leave

The University is committed to social responsibility and engaging with the communities in which our employees live and work.

University staff who have permanent or fixed term (6 months or more) roles, can take one day per year with paid leave, to engage with a community organisation, or initiative organised through Volunteer Wellington.

Health and wellbeing

The University recognises that people who are living, studying, and working within a positive environment where they feel supported, and well are more likely to thrive.

The University supports staff to stay mentally well by offering personal development workshops, employee assistance programme, and outplacement support programmes. Physical wellness is supported by access to subsidised eye tests, flu vaccination programme, healthy heart programmes and competitively priced gym membership. The University employs a staff wellness manager to support the University’s wellness strategy and rehabilitation for staff.

Professional development and training

The focus of the performance, development and career planning process is the development of staff, both academic and professional, and ensuring that all staff work together to achieve the overall goals of the University. It provides an appropriate framework for positive and useful discussions between staff and their managers, leading to a common understanding of objectives, and personal and professional development.

Advice on staff development programmes is provided through Human Resources or the Centre for Academic Development (CAD).

Staff excellence awards

The University believes in rewarding excellence in all areas of our organisation. One of the more high-profile, and prestigious ways of doing this, is the annual Excellence Awards. The awards have categories for teaching, research, engagement, equity and diversity, professional staff, and health and safety.

Staff discounts and benefits

As a University staff member, you can enjoy many staff benefits, including discounts at a range of big brand retailers.

Medical insurance

A Southern Cross Group Scheme is available to all permanent staff.

A Southern Cross representative is available on the last weekday of the month in room RS202 1–2pm.

Superannuation scheme

The University is part of Unisaver. Unisaver is a recognised scheme for the purposes of KiwiSaver. Most University employees are entitled to join UniSaver.