Find out about the delegation of authority at Victoria University of Wellington.

Delegation of authority

The University Council is the governing body of the University. It delegates much of its responsibility to the Vice-Chancellor, the Academic Board and Committees of Council. In turn, the Vice-Chancellor is authorised to, and does, delegate responsibilities to members of Staff and the Academic Board.

The Delegations Statute pdf824KB sets out these delegations and provides the basis for, and the limits on, the exercise of all Delegated Authority (including Financial and Human Resources) at Victoria University of Wellington.

Search delegated authorities

You can search the schedule of specific delegations. This provides search by category, subcategory, authority holder and keyword.

Searching by authority holder allows you to find:

  1. Authorities that belong to specific named roles (e.g. “Dean”)
  2. Authorities that belong to specific authority levels (Council (0), Vice-Chancellor (1), Te Hiwa, the University's senior leadership team, member (2) and then more generally Level 3, Level 4 etc.)
  3. Authorities that apply to any Line Manager (i.e. someone who manages other staff).

Searching by keyword will show all authorities that contain your keyword in any field (category, subcategory, authority holder, authority description, conditions or limits).

In relation to a specific delegation, conditions apply to all authority holders whereas limits apply to particular authority holders.


Sub-delegation of delegated authority must be done in accordance with the Delegations Statute. Template forms are available assist staff members to comply with the requirements of the Delegations Statute.

Delegated authority enquiries

For more information about the delegations process or enquiries concerning individual delegations, contact