Notes for applicants

What to expect from Victoria University of Wellington’s recruitment process and how to prepare.

Victoria University of Wellington uses a competency-based recruitment and selection procedure for all staff appointments.

Applicants are assessed based on criteria for the education, experience and knowledge they would need in the role. These criteria are included in each role description.

How to apply


If applying through the University’s online recruitment system, fill out the online application form linked in the job listing.

You will be able to attach relevant documents, including your CV and cover letter, to the form.

After applying you will be sent an automatically-generated email confirming receipt of your application.

On paper

Download, print and complete the Application for employment and declaration form Word126KB and send it with your CV and cover letter.

After applying you will receive and emailed or hard-copy acknowledgement letter.

Application process

Aspects of the process are different depending on whether you are applying for an academic or general staff position.