Previous academic audits

Information about previous academic audits, from 2014 and 2009.

Cycle 5 Academic Audit Report (2014)

Cycle 5 (2013–2016) focused on teaching and learning and student support.

The 2014 academic audit commended us for a large number of initiatives, particularly those focusing on Māori and Pasifika students.

Overall, we received 12 commendations, covering areas such as:

  • commitment to teaching excellence
  • the strength of our strategic planning
  • engagement, and partnership with students, and
  • our focus on retention and academic frameworks.

Along with the commendations, the University received seven affirmations and eight recommendations.

Download the University's Cycle 5 report from the AQA website.

Read the University's Cycle 5 mid-cycle update report accepted by the AQA in November 2018.

Cycle 4 Academic Audit Report (2009)

Download Victoria University of Wellington’s Cycle 4 report from the AQA website.