Student election

Details about the election of one (1) member to the University Council by the students.

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Declaration of result

The result of the 2019 Student election that closed at 5 pm on 14 October 2019 is:

Candidate                                                                     Votes Received

MORAR, Rhianna                                                                    1,009

JACKSON, Laura                                                                       413

MOTLEY, Julie                                                                           279

MUNDY, Alexis                                                                            40

INFORMAL                                                                                    0

BLANK VOTING PAPERS                                                             8

I therefore declare Rhianna MORAR to be elected to the University Council by the Students to a two year term from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021.

The voter return was 8.16%, being 1,749 votes cast from 21,441 eligible electors.

Dated at Wellington this 14th day of October 2019.

Caroline Ward

Returning Officer – Victoria University of Wellington