Strategic plan

Victoria University of Wellington is increasing its global focus and building on its strengths as a place of learning and bicultural heritage.

Mission and purpose

The University’s mission and purpose is to undertake excellent research, teaching, and public engagement in the service of local, national, regional, and global communities, with a particular focus on advancing Wellington.

Global–civic university

As a global–civic university, the University engages with its region and contributes to New Zealand, the Asia–Pacific region, and the world.

Primary strategies

To help achieve our vision, mission, and purpose, we are focused on six primary strategies:

  • Adopt a distinctive academic emphasis that draws upon our position as New Zealand’s globally ranked capital city university.
  • Enhance the quality, quantity, and global impact of our research, building on our position as the first-ranked university of the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF).
  • Provide a holistic learning, teaching, and student experience that is second to none, making the most of capital city living.
  • Secure the intellectual potential of disadvantaged people, giving Wellington, New Zealand, and the world talented, qualified staff who represent the diversity of New Zealand society.
  • Deepen engagement with alumni, benefactors, and communities.
  • Deepen our intellectual influence in the Asia–Pacific region.

Enabling strategies

The foundations of our future success are our capability, scale, organisational excellence, facilities, resources, and reputation. Our enabling strategies are:

  • Double the community of world-class scholars choosing the University as a place to study and Wellington as a place to live.
  • Attain the scale, quality, and academic profile of leading public universities.
  • Optimise the University’s organisation, processes, facilities, and use of resources.
  • Increase and diversify sustainable revenue.
  • Communicate the quality, values, and distinctiveness that define the University as a globally minded, capital city university based in Wellington, New Zealand.


The University’s core ethical values are respect, responsibility, fairness, integrity, and empathy. These values are manifested in our commitment to civic engagement, sustainability, inclusivity, equity, diversity, and openness. We prize intellectual rigour and independence, academic freedom, critical inquiry, and excellence.

Vice-Chancellor’s message

“One of the distinctive features of Wellington’s university is our ability to draw upon the national thinking and global mindedness of our capital city community.”

Professor Grant Gilford, Vice-Chancellor.
Read the Vice-Chancellor’s full message.