Research, sustainability and finance statistics

Get statistical information on the University’s research income, operating revenue and expenses, and greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.


Our researchers work with our Research Office to access external research income.

External research income20182019202020212022
$ millions69.781.386.889.088.3 1

Environmental sustainability

We are championing a sustainable future by fostering the leaders of tomorrow, delivering world class research, and building a sustainable campus. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a goal of net zero carbon by 2030.

Carbon emissions20182019202020212022
% change from 2017 baseline2.9%1.1%(44.3%)(51.7%)(35.7%)


A snapshot of our finances over the last five years.

Consolidated ($ millions) for the year ended December20182019202020212022
Total operating revenue490.4506.7490.2518.3494.1
Total operating expenses474.5501.1500.1496.4510.4
University surplus (deficit)15.95.6(9.9)21.9(16.3)


1. Revised following a PBRF audit after the publication of the 2022 Annual Report.

2. For more information, read our Annual Report.

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