General staff applicants

What happens after you apply, how long the process takes and interview preparation tips.

After you apply


The recruiting manager and interview panel will shortlist applicants who best meet the education, experience and knowledge criteria listed in the job description.

If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. In some cases other kinds of assessments may be used. If you are not based in Wellington, the interview may be conducted by telephone or video conference.

  • If you live outside of the Wellington region and are requested to attend a personal interview, at its discretion the University may reimburse you for reasonable costs of travel to and from Wellington. Arrangements must be made with the relevant university unit prior to booking any travel.
  • Normally interviews will be arranged so that you are able to travel to and from Wellington in one day. If this is not possible, reimbursement of accommodation costs may also be considered.
  • In all cases, the University will only cover reasonable costs if arrangements are approved prior to you travelling to Wellington for the interview.
  • Approved reimbursements will only be paid on the production of original receipts.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised by email or letter.


The panel

Victoria University of Wellington’s interviews are conducted by an interview panel. The panel typically includes the manager and two or more people with knowledge about the skills required for the position.

Victoria University of Wellington’s interviewing style

The University’s style of interviewing is interactive and behaviourally based. Each panel member normally has a question or area of questions. Questions are based on the key competencies in the role description.

Behavioural interviewing focuses on your past behaviour in actual work or other relevant situations. Your pre-interview preparation should include examples of these.

The interview will normally take up to an hour but may be longer. There will be time for you to ask questions and for the panel to talk to you about the University as a working environment.

Interview tips

  • Discuss how your skills experience and qualifications match those required for the position.
  • Talk about the strengths you would bring to the position and to the University.
  • Find out about the day-to-day aspects of the position.


You will be asked to confirm the names and contact details of at least two referees whom the recruiting manager can contact to verify information you have supplied.

Whānau support

If your interview is in person, you can bring along whānau (family) or other support people.

Please advise the recruiting manager early if you intend to do this. Any expenses involved in bringing support persons to an interview are your responsibility.

Further information on the conduct of a whānau support interview should be discussed with the recruiting manager.

Follow up interviews

Secondary or follow up interview(s) may also be conducted to further explore information gained during the interview, assessment and reference-checking processes.

The selection decision

If you are the successful candidate you will be contacted by telephone. From there we will go through a pre-employment verification process before you are send a formal written offer of employment.

Unsuccessful interviewed candidates will be contacted by telephone and by email or letter.

How long it takes

Normally the process takes two or three weeks from the application closing date.