Material from hardcopy sources

When providing students with material from hardcopy sources you need to ensure all bibliographic details are included and meet the terms our copyright licence.

The education provisions of the Copyright Act are relatively restrictive when it comes to making multiple copies of works for students.

Our copyright licence

Victoria University of Wellington has a licence with Copyright Licensing Limited New Zealand (CLNZ) that allows staff to copy from hardcopy published material, above what is allowed under the Act.

Under the Copyright Act you can make a single copy of a work to use in the course of instruction. Where you need to provide students with material the copying or scanning will be done under the CLNZ licence.

Copyright exclusions

The CLNZ licence covers copying (photocopying or scanning) from hard copy sources, except the following:

  • material from the internet
  • material from e-journals or e-books
  • material taken from a database the University subscribes to
  • material made available under a creative commons licence
  • any work not under copyright (if unsure assume it is still under copyright)
  • legislation and regulations
  • select committee reports
  • printed music (including words)
  • loose maps and charts
  • separate pictures and photos, for example, those that have not come from books or journals
  • theses dissertation and student papers
  • unpublished material.

Making multiple copies

Under the CLNZ licence multiple copies can be made and provided to students. Material copied under this licence should be limited to students and not be publically accessible.


10 percent or one chapter whatever is greater

Periodical article (including newspapers)

One article from a single issue of a journal or more than one if they are on the same subject

Poem, short story, play, essay when published as a collection of works

Up to 15 pages of each individual work

Diagram or illustration published as part of a literary work

Whole image

Out of print works

Prior permission from CLNZ must be sought, but with permission can allow copying of up to the whole work. CLNZ must be satisfied that the work cannot be obtained within a reasonable time at an ordinary commercial price. The permission must be sought every trimester the work is used.

If you wish to use an out of print work in your course please contact the copyright officer

Providing students with hardcopy material

When providing students with material from hardcopy sources you need to ensure all the correct bibliographic details are included (in a contents page or a bibliography) this is:

  • the title
  • author
  • publisher
  • year of publication
  • place of publication
  • ISBN/ISSN number
  • the range of pages copied.

If you're using Talis then this metadata will added automatically for you.

Talis Aspire

The University has implemented a programme, Talis Aspire, that creates a reading list for students and checks the material for copyright compliance. All material provided to students needs to be entered in to Talis.

Information in Talis Aspire will be automatically checked for copyright compliance and it will use metadata to provide accurate references.