Any sub-delegation of delegated authority must comply with the Delegations Statute.

Staff members may need to sub-delegate their delegations to another staff member when they go on leave or move to a different role.

The University offers an online form to help staff members submit sub-delegation requests and ensure that sub-delegations are recorded in writing.

Submitting a request through the Sub-Delegations Request Form will initiate a workflow that starts with an email from the Service Desk to the recipient of delegated authority. For the request to be processed by HR and Finance, a staff member who is provided authority via this form must accept or decline that sub-delegation by following the instructions in that email.

Staff members must familiarise themselves with the Delegations Statute before using this form, paying particular attention to clause 4 on sub-delegations.

Delegated Authority holders must complete this form to:

    (a) formally appoint a member of Staff in an acting or relieving role; or
    (b) give a specific sub-delegation of a particular delegated authority.

Note: A full record of delegated authorities is available in the Delegations Schedule.

Financial Delegated Authority (FDA) or Human Resources Delegated Authority (HRDA) cannot be sub-delegated unless written approval is obtained from a member of Te Hiwa, the University's senior leadership team. A sub-delegated authority may not be further sub-delegated without the prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

All conditions and limits set by the Delegations Statute, or the original Delegated Authority holder must be followed by the sub-delegate.

If there is any uncertainty regarding whether a delegated authority can be sub-delegated, please contact