Sub-delegation of Delegated Authority must be done in accordance with section 4.2(i) - (o) of the Delegations Statute.

Delegated Authority may only be sub-delegated to another member of Staff by:

  1. Giving a specific sub-delegation of a particular authority; or
  2. Formally appointing a staff member in an acting or relieving role.

You cannot sub-delegate Financial Delegated Authority (FDA) or Human Resources Delegated Authority (HRDA) without:

  • In the case of a specific sub-delegation, the prior written approval of the Chief Operating Officer (in the case of FDA), Director, Human Resources (in the case of HRDA) or the Vice-Chancellor.
  • In the case of a person appointed in an acting or relieving role, specifying in the sub-delegation whether or not that person can exercise FDA or HRDA.

All sub-delegations must be in writing (which includes sending an email).

Sub-delegated Authority may not be further sub-delegated without the prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

Note that:

  • A staff member who is giving a sub-delegation must actually have the authority to give the sub-delegation.
  • Sub-delegation is a transfer of authority but not of accountability. This means that the person sub-delegating the authority will remain accountable for the use of that authority.
  • Sub-delegating an authority does not prevent the delegating manager from exercising that authority alongside, or instead of, the person to whom the sub-delegation is given.

Template sub-delegation forms

These forms are intended to assist staff members to comply with the requirements of the Delegations Statute and ensure that:

  • sub-delegations are appropriately recorded in writing;
  • holders of a sub-delegated authority are clear as to the powers that they may exercise; and
  • the University has a written record of the terms and conditions of that sub-delegation.

It is expected that these forms will be completed and used as outlined below. However, the absence of a completed form will not be conclusive evidence that a sub-delegation of Delegated Authority has been ineffective.

If there is any doubt as to whether a particular Delegated Authority can be sub-delegated, or the appropriate form to be used, contact

  • Form 1—Appointment of acting staff member is for use when appointing a person to act or relieve in your role during your absence.
  • Form 2—Sub-delegation of specific power is for use when sub-delegating a specific Delegated Authority.
  • Form 3—Extension of sub-delegation is for use when extending a sub-delegation given using Form 2 above.

Template forms

Instructions on how to use the forms are contained within the relevant form. Once completed, the form should be sent as an email to the person to whom the sub-delegation is being given, and copied to: