Professor Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich

Professor Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich is an elected staff representative on Council.

MA, PhD (Marburg), Dr habil (Göttingen)

Brigitte has worked at the University for over 20 years and is currently the chair person of the Association for Social Anthropology in Aotearoa New Zealand (ASAANZ). She is an appointed member of the international network for Women in Higher Education Management (WHEM) and a reviewer for the German, Swiss and Austrian governments’ research funds.

Brigitte’s research interests include cultural anthropology, narrative analysis and storytelling, migration, academic mobility, and ethnography. She is currently working on a project on academic migration and the global knowledge economy, which includes an analysis of the demands and ideology of a globally connected tertiary education system.

Brigitte was re-appointed to Council as the successful candidate in the 2023 staff election.

Current term

1 January 2024–31 December 2027

Number of previous terms